Future Fair’s
Digital Companion

Powered by Arcual, open April 24 - May 25, 2024
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An online sales platform for discovering artworks from over 50 local, national, and international exhibitors

How it works

Browse artworks

Browse artworks from more than 50 exhibiting galleries.

Place an offer

Make a customizable purchase request for the artwork.

Introduce yourself

Personalize your request and fill in your bio.

Be selected

Galleries hand-pick winning requests from collectors.

Pay online

Once your request is accepted, pay easily via bank transfer or credit card, directly on the platform.

Receive digital provenance

Verified artwork documentation will follow through a Digital Dossier.

We are thrilled to partner with Arcual’s innovative team to deliver digital solutions that open up new avenues for exploration, sales, and collaboration for dealers, artists, and collectors alike.
Rachel Mijares Fick and Rebeca Laliberte
Future Fair co-founders

Arcual can empower your business

For Future Fair, our technology connects collectors with galleries and artists spanning 5 continents, in one seamless and secure platform.

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Powered by Arcual

Enabling seamless, secure and optimized art sales

Platform development

Design and development by the most agile and informed engineers in the art and tech space.

UX design and research

Crafting products which answer the needs of the art world at this moment.

Managing operations

Overseeing operations for successful platform delivery.

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