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We believe that when the community benefits, the entire ecosystem benefits

Arcual was founded with a mission to put artists at the center of the art ecosystem, offering them greater ownership, transparency, and participation in their careers. 

Our blockchain will create a trusted space for information, partnerships, and transactions that empowers our users to fully embrace innovation.
Arcual was born from a shared recognition of a shift in the production of art and the ecosystem that surrounds it. Arcual will offer pioneering technologies that give artists greater ownership, participation and transparency in their careers, and will provide both institutions and galleries the tools to best nurture them.
Maja Hoffmann
Maja Hoffmann
Founder LUMA Foundation

Meet our leadership team

Rodrigo Esmela
Chief Commercial and Product Officer
Rodrigo is an experienced and versatile product leader specialised in hyper-growth strategies. He started his career as a software engineer and transitioned early into product management, focusing on innovation, finance, e-commerce, and since 2016 on blockchain and DLT products. Prior to Arcual, he held product leadership and innovation roles at Digital Asset, Thomson Reuters, and Citibank.
Chris Jukes
Director of Finance and Operations
Chris is a highly skilled accountant, with an MBA from Surrey Business School. He has a diverse background, having spent over a decade working in the creative industries, including software development, gaming, publishing, and business leadership. Before joining Arcual, Chris spent 18 months with a multi-disciplinary art studio creating public art installations. He is currently pursuing a part-time Philosophy course at Kingston School of Art.
Ricarda Pietschmann
Director of People and Culture
After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree from Les Roches Global Hospitality Education, Ricarda’s passion for people led her to dedicate her career to the field of HR. Her experience ranges from the luxury hospitality industry to agency recruitment (Allegis), pharmaceuticals (J&J) and most recently to crypto banking (SEBA Bank). Ricarda now joins Arcual with a clear vision to build and transform it into a workplace of choice.
Andrew Erickson
Andrew Erickson
Director of Engineering
Andrew is Director of Engineering at Arcual. With over 20 years' experience in the technology and finance industries, Andrew has led a wide variety of projects at companies including Leonteq, UBS, and Barclays. His expertise includes web applications, user interface design, application performance and scalability, high frequency low latency trading platforms. Andrew is also a skilled generative artist and nft collector.
Julia Colavita
Head of Business Development
Julia leads the Business Development team at Arcual. She has an extensive skillset formed over a 15 year career working at the forefront of the art & technology industry. She was one of the first employees at Artsy, and following diverse client-facing roles, has developed a global network of strong relationships across the art ecosystem.
And 30 more art, tech, and business professionals

Backed by key industry stakeholders

Luma Foundation

As a leading supporter of artistic creation, the LUMA Foundation plays an integral role in advising Arcual’s ongoing development in their ambition to put artists back at the center of the art ecosystem.

MCH Group

MCH Group, the parent company of Art Basel , provides financing and the strategic expertise of a leading international experience marketing company with a comprehensive services network.


BCG X  provided the technical experience and engineering to build the Arcual network.
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