10 Artworks to Discover on Future Fair’s Digital Companion

April 24, 2024

Preview the striking cross-category artworks available to purchase on the platform.

Proudly powered by Arcual, Future Fair's Digital Companion is an online sales platform for discovering artworks from diverse local, national, and international exhibitors. Ahead of the platform opening, we explore just some of the beautiful artworks which are available to purchase.

Tappeto Volante

Future Fair's Digital Companion, Powered by Arcual
Greta Johnson, In Parts, 2023, acrylic on canvas. 

Johnson's work depicts a surreal realm filled with cosmic imagery, fluid symbolism, and metaphysical allusions. Giant flowers, cosmic roots, and sun-worshiping anthropomorphic figures, conjure a sense of wonder and enchantment, inviting us as viewers to explore a world where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur. 


Natalia Arbelaez, Yuraq Vaso, 2023.

Arbelaez uses her work to research undervalued histories, such as Latin American, Amerindian, and Women of Color. She explores how these identities are lost through conquest, migration, and time, gained through family, culture, exploration, and passed down through tradition, preservation, and genetic memory. Her use of clay is not only a process, but also a means of historical and cultural research into lost, conquered, and overlooked communities.

Yiwei Gallery

Jesse Jinghan Liu, Night Watch, 2024.

Liu’s compositions emphasize the importance of storytelling, creating a sense of mystery or romance within the work's atmosphere. Her bold works employ a vivid color palette and interplay of light and shadow to convey a range of emotions. By delving into the nuances of memory and others’ experiences, Liu strives to create pieces that evoke contemplation, empathy, and connection.

Tappeto Volante

Mary DeVincentis, Blessing of the Rock Kissers, 2024.

DeVincentis is an intuitive painter of mysticism, reverie and vulnerability; this beautiful work is an example of her ability to create gateways into otherworldly realms. She employs a deeply personal iconography to investigate the mysteries of existence, often depicting people, animals, and nature as equal in significance.

LaiSun Keane

Calvin Kim, Waiting for the Sun, 2024.

Like much of Kim’s work, this painting has a soft palette which elicits a dreamy response from the viewer. The soft yellow monochrome still-life is juxtaposed with the artist's favorite animal, the cat. A sunny side up egg is the focal point, enticing both the cat and the viewer simultaneously.

Abigail Ogilvy Gallery

Elizabeth King Stanton, Me Time, 2024.

Stanton lives with her husband and daughter. Of her work, the painter says: “My recent paintings are somewhat humorous tableaus of mothers and daughters frozen mid chore. Often filled to the brim with pattern, the thin surfaces are touched many times, until every dab of paint is held taut in its place. The vibrant colors and playful imagery pay homage to a typical day of toddlerhood.”


MaryKate Maher, Vessel and Reliquary: Dessert Plant 3, 2023.

Maher utilizes abstraction, symbols, and repetitive forms to reference the body, geology, and mythologies found in landscapes. In this work, many small movements combine to create a larger voluminous form. Maher’s collage works complement her sculptures by focusing on the compression of space and light. Her use of gradients and repetition of circular orbs create planes of depth, questioning their sense of volume and dimension.

Gillian Jason Gallery

Jenya Datsko, La Casa Con Piscina, 2024.

Datsko’s work captures intense moments of loneliness and melancholy, which also evoke a mysterious and fascinating beauty. Through a soft colour palette and the recurring presence of female figures in a variety of spaces, Datsko invites us to reflect on human nature and the complexity of our emotions.

AMG Projects

Moyosore Jolaolu, Vibrant Dreams, 2023.

Jolaolu is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Lagos. His striking compositions offer an autobiographical insight into his life, with time and memory playing a central role in his paintings. Well-known tropes merge, meanings shift, past and present fuse. He makes art as a way to understand time and routine in relation to culture and societal norms, as well as conflict and resolution.

Morton Fine Art

JENNY WU, Cannot Change My Teaching Personality In The Middle of The Semester, 2023.

WU’S sculptural paintings transform liquid paint into sculpture, a process derived from making oil on canvas paintings and discovering the many layers of oil paint beneath the surface. These layers embody linear time, repetitive process and material characteristics. Our assumptions as viewers of what paintings and sculptures can be are shifted.

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Cover image: Elizabeth King Stanton, Me Time, 2024.