Work seamlessly with collectors and artists

Salesroom is a  suite of digital tools for galleries  
that automates and streamlines routine tasks
and processes.
Collectors and galleries

Focus on what really matters

Salesroom gives galleries freedom to focus on what matters most - attracting new collectors and artists.

Purchase with confidence

Purchase with confidence

Our smart contracts and digital certificates of authenticity provide collectors with a chain of ownership history for easily-traceable provenance.

Embedded digital KYC done with a smartphone

Embedded KYC & AML

Salesroom offers one-time KYC and AML verification, streamlining the purchasing process.

Provenance proof collectors ask for

Digital Dossier

Helps galleries differentiate from others by providing buyers with a digital record of all documentation relating the artwork.

Transactions up to US $1Min value

Manage transactions up to US$1M in value

The highest online transaction limit in the art market.

Payment currencies

Multi-currency payments

Easy, efficient, and secure payment options, in 135+ currencies, including bank transfer, debit cards and credit cards.

Online credit card payments

Gallery resale royalties

Smart contracts enable galleries to define and benefit from resale royalties alongside their artists.

Fair representation for Artists

Salesroom helps ensure equitable representation for artists by ensuring the relationship with galleries is open, collaborative and beneficial.

Resale Terms

Resale terms

Arcual smart contracts help artists to benefit financially from their work beyond its first sale.

Consignment agreement

Consignment agreements

Galleries and artists define the sales commission split percentage together. These agreements are stored on the blockchain as a smart contract.

Instant payouts

Instant payments

Artists and galleries can immediately receive sales and royalty payments after artworks are sold and resold via Arcual.

Resale terms

Immutable provenance for collectors

Digital Dossier provides immutable provenance, verified digital Certificates of Authenticity, and supporting documentation related to an artwork, all in one place.

Digital Dossier

Digital Dossier

Store digital copies of all documentation relating to an artwork in one place, including the Digital Certificate of Authenticity and Resale terms.

Seamless Payments

Seamless payment options

Easy, efficient, and secure payment options, in 135+ currencies, including bank transfer, debit cards and credit cards.

Artist Growth

Backing artists’ careers

By adopting Arcual, collectors put artists at the center of the art ecosystem, supporting the payment of resale royalties.

How Salesroom works

Galleries who are using our products

Galerie Nathalie Obadia
Mai 36 Galerie
Von Bartha
Petzel Gallery
Galerie Greta Meert
Arcual is covering everything that is needed. Being in conversation with the people that really use [Arcual] in the future, is also making it a tool to set it up the way it needs to be for the future.
Stefan von Bartha
Stefan von Bartha
Owner and director von Bartha