The world’s first paperless art dossier

Providing immutable provenance, verified digital Certificates of Authenticity, and supporting documentation related to an artwork,
all in one place.

Digital provenance for your art

Digital Dossier helps collectors buy art and receive all provenance and documentation relating to their art electronically.

Certificate of Authenticity

Documentation in one place

Store digital copies of all documentation related to the artwork like sketches,  photographs, shipping details, installation guidelines, and condition reports.

Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity

Digital Dossier includes the digital Certificate of Authenticity, Resale Terms and supporting documentation.

Supporting Documentation

Immutable provenance

Digital Dossier provides immutable provenance that future proofs an artwork, recording its history, authenticity, and helping with its future resale.

Streamlined process for galleries

Digital Dossier helps galleries differentiate from their competitors by providing buyers with a digital record of all documentation relating to artwork.

Handover done automatically

Meet buyer needs

Offer buyers the opportunity to receive digital copies of all documentation.

All documents in one place

Speed up payments

Streamlines the sales process and speeds up payment by incentivising collectors.

Documents approved by the artist

Improved artist communication

Keep track of documentation and communications with artists.

Digital certificate of authenticity

Galleries who are using our products

Galerie Nathalie Obadia
Mai 36 Galerie
Von Bartha
Petzel Gallery
Galerie Greta Meert
Arcual is covering everything that is needed. Being in conversation with the people that really use [Arcual] in the future, is also making it a tool to set it up the way it needs to be for the future.
Stefan von Bartha
Stefan von Bartha
Owner and director von Bartha