Enhancing Blockchain Security and Privacy with ZKPs

September 28, 2023

Following the Zero Knowledge Summit in London, attended by Arcual's Blockchain team, we explore how Arcual utilises technologies such as Fast Reed-Solomon Interactive Oracle (FRI) and Kate-Zaverucha-Goldwasser (KZG), to enhance efficiency and privacy.

FRI Integration: Composing Complex Logic with Simplicity

Logical Circuit in Gnark: Arcual employs a library of simple logical circuit written in gnark, a powerful zk library.
Progressive Complexity: We progressively combine these logical circuits with FRI to create larger, more complex circuits, which allows us to achieve incremental Verifiable Computation (IVC).
Higher Composability: This approach not only ensures IVC but also allows for higher composability, enabling the creation of intricate logical structures without the need for circuit rewriting.

KZG for Unwavering Security

KZG for Proof Posting: Arcual relies on KZG to securely post proofs of computations to the blockchain.
Tamper-Resistance: KZG's tamper-resistant nature ensures that proofs remain unaltered and can be independently verified, enhancing trust and security. They also significantly reduce the proof size by 10x.
Transparency: Our use of KZG maintains private accountability throughout the blockchain network.

Advantages of Arcual's Unique Approach

Arcual's integration of FRI and KZG, reminiscent of HERMEZ, offers distinct advantages:

Privacy-Centric: Arcual's approach ensures data confidentiality, aligning with our core principle of data privacy.
Robust Security: KZG's guarantees on proof integrity fortify the blockchain against fraud or data manipulation, reinforcing its reliability.
Efficiency and Scalability: The combination of FRI and KZG optimises transaction processing, providing a foundation for a scalable and efficient blockchain network.

By composing simple logical circuits written in gnark, and combining them through FRI, Arcual progressively creates complex logical circuits. Our network's focus on data privacy, security, and efficiency makes Arcual the ideal choice for those seeking a blockchain solution that sets the standard for privacy and security.

Learn more about the zkSummit here. Stay tuned for more from Arcual Blog!