Arcual Life: What Connects Us?

April 23, 2024

We explore why fostering connections between teammates is crucial for Effective Collaboration.

Arcual champions a hybrid work environment whilst fostering a strong culture of collaboration. This month, the Arcual team took part in a workshop to identify and foster connections between us, enhancing our Core Competency of Effective Collaboration. This competency in turn enhances our ability to deliver great tools, enabling our users themselves to meaningfully collaborate and grow. In this article for Arcual Life, the team share some of their favourite new connections forged during the workshop.

Ivana, Product Manager:

"I learned that several of my colleagues are interested in relocating to a location with a warmer climate and more sunshine than their current location!"

Tanya, Client Experience Manager:

“I learned that some of my colleagues love ABBA just as much as I do! #90skid.”

Eleanor, Senior Comms and Edu Manager:

“Two of my favourite discoveries were that many of my teammates also love to unwind by cooking and playing a musical instrument.”

Sid, Senior Software Engineer:

“I learned that one colleague was reading about Buddhism which was interesting because she knew good technical sanskrit words.”

Noelia, Ecosystem Development Manager:

“I discovered that many of my colleagues also enjoy outdoor activities, like hiking!”

Lucas, Lead Blockchain Engineer:

“I was impressed by the overall team's ability to come up with such bad, but at the same time hilarious, jokes!”

Ricarda, Director of People & Culture:

“Learning about each other's fitness goals and hearing about some intense Ironman 70.3 training plans was fantastic. I very much enjoyed bonding over our mutual love for cooking and exchanging some delicious recipes that I can't wait to try!”

Danlu, Senior Client Experience Manager:

“I learned about the many interesting and different things my colleagues love to do after work, such as enjoying live music.”

Gina, Graphic Designer:

“I learned that one colleague in particular has a great talent for singing, as do I, and we really connected due to our shared experience of being far away from home.”

Chris, Director of Finance & Operations:

“I re-discovered or was reminded that, we are all individuals part of a collective effort and that everyone has their own stuff going on. From trying to pick baby names to dealing with insurance companies, from training for an iron-man to creating music, from spending time in Portugal surfing to buying first homes. It is easy to forget the stuff that everyone else has going on in their lives when we are so preoccupied with our own. It is important to connect on a more human level with colleagues.”

Flavia, Operations Manager:

“I found out that art connects us in every way! I discovered another Wes Anderson fan among us, and we had an insightful discussion about his artistic productions.”

Kyrylo, Senior Software Engineer:

“I learned how unexpectedly tall some of my colleagues are that I've previously only seen on screen!”

Andrew, Director of Engineering:

“I learned that a few of my colleagues are also practising intermittent fasting.”

Tommaso, Senior Product Manager:

“It was interesting to learn about the history of my colleague’s family, who emigrated from Italy to the US in the 1900s, and create a connection due to our common origins.”

Maciek, Design Lead:

“Some favourite new connections: my list of films to watch expanded, I now know where to go for a party in Berlin, and I have an even longer list of places to visit (and food to try) in Lisbon!”

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