Arcual Life: The Arcual Team Looks to the Future

December 21, 2023

As we round off an amazing year at Arcual, our team share some of their thoughts on what the future looks like for Arcual Life.

Ricarda, Director of P&C

"I am confident that Arcual will become a household name across the art ecosystem for a range of transformative solutions. Our team will have continued to grow with even more talented colleagues contributing to our awesome culture and success."

Eleanor, Senior Comms & Education Manager

"I believe we will continue to show the art world how powerful our tools can be, as we demonstrated with Access by Art Basel, powered by Arcual, opening up new possibilities for everyone in the ecosystem to benefit. The future is exciting."

Laura, Brand Marketing Manager

"I see Arcual totally established as the blockchain for the artworld. It will be the trusted tech ecosystem for the art community, out of which multiple products, offerings and partnerships will be created along the years."

Noelia, Ecosystem Manager

"I see Arcual as the paramount solution to cross-border payments in the art world."

Michael, CTO

"For us, I think the next two years will be about continuing to build on what we have, showing the art world how powerful these tools are, and helping open up new possibilities for galleries and artists alike."

João, Backend Engineer

"I see Arcual growing in everything, from service offering, market usage and its team growing. We are a very fast paced company. I believe the market is demanding the range of features we are developing, and I see us growing to be the one of the leading softwares in the art industry, empowering artists and bringing them back to the center of the art ecosystem."

Lucas, Blockchain Lead

"I believe we will have an active and growing community continuing to use our products and transacting on our blockchain, and see the first third-party use-cases being built on the ecosystem, allowing Arcual to start taking a step back in terms of governance and decentralisation of the network."

Andrew, Lead Engineer

"I see Arcual as an integral part of the physical art ecosystem providing galleries, artists and collectors the tools to manage their interactions with minimal friction and a better user experience."

Julia, Client Experience Lead

"I see Arcual growing its community exponentially and becoming a recognized leader in its mission to put artists at the center of the art ecosystem, encouraging their participation in their own careers as well as overall transparency."

Duke, Senior Blockchain Engineer

"As I look ahead, I see Arcual evolving into the undeniable leader in blockchain infrastructure for the art industry. Our journey as a dynamic startup points to a future as the ultimate destination for artists, galleries and collectors seeking a transformative art ecosystem."

Narayan, Senior Blockchain Engineer

"The art industry could benefit and grow from technology innovation in terms of payments, royalties and trade. I would see Arcual’s product being adopted and becoming a mainstream product solving these problems."

Pictured: The Arcual team on a visit to LUMA Arles, 2023. 

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