Access the global art market

Arcual’s APIs are specifically designed to work with gallery systems and back offices to make the global buying and selling of art seamless.

Accept payments up to $1M in 135 currencies

Arcual helps galleries reach new markets and international collectors through APIs built to facilitate large international payments and more.


Certificates of authenticity

Digital certificates of authenticity linked to each artwork reassure collectors about their investment.

Online Payments integrations

International Payments

Attract international buyers by accepting payments up to $1M in 135 currencies.

Custom Smart Contracts

Integrates with existing systems

Integrated solutions that work for galleries with multiple locations across different markets with their own systems.

Bespoke solutions

Bespoke solutions

Arcual's team can provide bespoke technology solutions to meet the needs of large galleries with multiple locations.

Get in touch and learn how Arcual can help grow your business

Arcual's team includes art world professionals, founders and technology experts committed to helping make the buying and selling of art seamless.

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